All Your Insurance Needs With One Call

Are you one of the many Americans that in addition to your full-time job, you have taken on a part-time job just to help make ends meet? I would imagine with that daily schedule that one would have no time for rest, relaxation and any sort of quality family time. The cost of living today is so expensive that there are many Americans that live way below the poverty level. For some people having two jobs means that they would be able to get affordable health insurance for their family. When you stop to think about it the amount of income that you get from working two jobs may be hard to replace if the unthinkable happened and you were no longer here to provide for your family. So in addition to getting health insurance you must also think about getting quality life insurance as well.

If you are like me the word insurance causes walls to go up around me because I don't understand how the whole process works. When words like premiums, deductibles, and co-pays are spouted off that's when the conversation turns very dull and boring to me and goes right over my head. As it was explained to me at one time you can get all of your insurance needs from the same major insurance carrier and be eligible for discount on your premiums. For example if you needed Florida health insurance and Universal life insurance you may be able to call the same provider that you get your homeowner's insurance through and was bundled policies your rates will go down.

Another form of insurance that I've heard a great deal about recently is Medicare supplemental insurance. In fact this is the one that I'm keeping my eye on as I approach retirement age. Supplemental insurance for Medigap insurance as it is known is coverage that you can get the Wolf work alongside your traditional Medicare coverage that will help bridge the gap between what Medicare will pay for and what your responsibility is. As long as you are enrolled in both Medicare part A and Medicare part B you are eligible to enroll in this type of coverage. And you can make application up to six months before the first day of the month that you turn 65. If you make application during the open enrollment phase you will have guaranteed issue, which means you will not have to go through the underwriting process regardless of the status of your health. From what I understand, you can go through your private insurance carrier to get this valuable coverage and choose a plan that is right for your situation and a premium that will fit into your budget. If you call 1-800-MEDIGAP agents are standing by to help you with your Medicare supplement needs. Don't hesitate, make the call today and get your peace of mind.