When Can I Start To Lift Weights Again After Breast Augmentation

One of the biggest issues associated with any recent surgical procedure is the patient's blood pressure. If you get too high of a blood pressure or heat beat following your breast augmentation procedure it is possible to suffer a bleeding complication which will definitely make the recovery period longer and can affect the outcome of the procedure drastically. Even after 10 to 21 days following your breast augmentation procedure it is still possible to suffer a bleeding complication as a result of increasing your heart rate or blood pressure too much.

It is very important that during this first month of your recovery period that you refrain from any activities which may drive your heart rate up too high as a means to prevent any possible bleeding complications. However there may be some leeway given on this as it is possible for many patients to resume their aerobic exercises within a few days after the surgery. It is important to note that although one can resume these activities it is not suggested and it will be in the patient's best judgment to refrain from any type of strenuous exercises that may include heavy weights and running.

The good news is that after this 3 week period of recovery you may return to rigorous activities if you see fit assuming there are no major issues that your surgeon may bring to your attention which may be against these activities. Furthermore, you will start to notice that some exercises more than others may cause you pain in the chest area but luckily it will not affect the surgery's outcome nor will you risk the chance of rupturing the implant.

Make sure that you speak to your surgeon prior to engaging in any new exercise routines during this 3 week period. Your surgeon may also have different suggestions on these exercises and when you can perform them based on your individual situation. Since every breast augmentation procedure is different there may or may not be some variables of the surgery in which the surgeon will have to take into account when deciding whether returning to an exercise routine may or may not be in your best interests.

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